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Radiall is a company that designs, develops, and manufactures connectors and associated components for use in electronic applications. The company offers interconnect components, including radio frequency/coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, antennas, fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies, microwave components and cable assemblies, microwave switches, and multipin connectors.

A former production technician tells all about working for the company, "It is possible it was just within the department I worked in, but there were managers and supervisors [at Radiall] who played favorites. They really over sell the position they are hiring for, there were multiple miscommunications about the job itself and it took almost half the time I spent there to get an actual job description. Lack of communication about lunch breaks, how that effects work hours, supervisor thinking I was to be doing one thing while manager was expecting another. The biggest issue to come of it was the way HR handled things felt unprofessional, workers were told they would be sent home if they were speaking Spanish on the floor and that it was policy, which it was for training and work purposes, but this includes personal conversations. It was like high school with the drama. I felt that my manager as well as an engineer were difficult to communicate with and undermining me along the way. Used COVID-19 as a way to get rid of people they had "issues" with and con the employees in to changing to first and second shifts as they had been trying to do since January. Doubt it will switch back since they were already failing to rotate people."


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Lider de Grupo (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente dentro de lo que es la empresa es favorable para el personal en general. Aunque en ocasiones se muestra un poco de estres por parte de los empleados, ya que les piden no platicar con el compañero de enseguida.seguro, infonavit, fonocotPiden no platicas con el compañero de alado, son 12 horas de trabajo"

Inside Sales Represenative (Current Employee) says

"Radiall is a good company at heart but it has not caught up to the current market and is not a good place for talented job seekers as far as compensation or growth. This is a place you go if you just want a steady paycheck and some benefits and hopefully retire. Your day to day will be pleasant, but if you are ambitious or work hard you will reap no rewards as it is not good at recognizing employee contributions. The management gives you autonomy in how you work within corporate guidelines, but does not separate an A level employee between a C or D level. Just a position to occupy that cubicle. Most enjoyable part of the job is being able to manage my accounts as I see fit and build relationships with customers to foster trust. I have learned a lot about the products and especially the markets. Average day consists of going through a lot of e-mails from customers, resolving issues related to orders, preparing quotations and other after sales support functions.Stable job, friendly co-workers, relaxing.Zero advancement opportunity per Human Resources directly, not an opinion."

Réception des appels et dispatching de fax (Former Employee) says

"RADIALL est une bonne structure , les employés travaillent bien dans une bonne ambiancecafetariat à coté"

Operateur de production (Former Employee) says

"Bonne entreprise en général bon relationnel travail relativement agréable en production mais En intérim depuis 3 ans pas d’embauche ni d’évolutions de poste et carences à respecter donc pas de stabilité ..Cantine, pausesPas de mois complet, carences insupportables"

Moulage (Former Employee) says

"C une entreprise familiale ou j adoré travailler le chef julien a l ecoute de ses salariés il est topBonne ambianceLe salaire"

Employée polyvalente (Former Employee) says

"Mauvaise prise en compte du travail. Mauvaise gestion de l'humain . Pas de reconnaissance. Très déçue. Par contre, très bonne intégration, entraide, missions interessantesEntreprise familiale, intégrationLa Direction de site"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"working for stubhub was an enjoyable experience, however I was employed by an agency and never felt secure. I enjoyed being challenged with customer complaints and queries and making sure the customer was happy and the issue resolved when we ended the call. the best part of the job for me was getting customer feedback and the managers sending me the feedback to review for myself. Having to leave the company was a very hard decision for me but after a bereavement it was one I had to make due to the agency contract.hitting targets and getting pizzas orderd for lunch by managementlack of staff resulting in working overtime on a regular basis"

Projet étudiant (Former Employee) says

"Une expérience enrichissante qui m'a permis de découvrir certains tests industriels couramment utilisés dans le cadre de mes études. Un petit bémol au niveau de la communication avec les responsables de l'entreprise."

Agent de production intérimaire (Former Employee) says

"Bonne entreprise dans l’ensemble dommage qu’il y est des carrence"

Receptionniste service expédition et livraison (Former Employee) says

"En mission intérimaire pendant un an, j'ai beaucoup aimé cet expérience professionnel dans une activité différente de mes précédents emplois. J'ai été formé et j'ai pu acquérir de l'expérience sur des logiciels que je ne connaissais pas auparavant.Horaires flexiblesCommunication au sein des divers services"

operador de maquinas (Former Employee) says

"aprendi a utilizar aparatos de medicion no conocidos, lo q mas me gusto fue el ambiente laboralpromocionescafeteria"

Opératrice fibre optique (Former Employee) says

"Environnement aggréable, horaires flexibles, postes confortables. Bon esprit d'équipe globalement. Travail interessant.Salle à manger avec distributeurs, micro-ondes et réfrigérateurs."

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